Wound Care Services

Are you in need of wound care? Are you looking for a trusted clinic that can help your injuries heal? Our Wound Care center is your answer.  Our comprehensive treatment gives patients with chronic wounds support. In addition, we treat complex wounds. Our holistic approach to healing addresses healthcare needs and family participation. 

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Nearly six million people suffer from chronic wounds every year.
If not addressed early, many could result in a serious infection, gangrene, amputation or other life-altering conditions. 

What We Treat

Our Physicians are certified by Skilled Wound Care, a leader in wound management. They will work collaboratively in assessing your overall health, diet, lifestyle and environmental conditions in order to establish a specific treatment plan and wound care program. The team is designed to work with, not to replace, a patients’ primary care or referring physician. 

Diabetic Wounds

Venous Stasis Wounds

Pressure Injury/Wounds

Arterial Wounds

Surgical Wounds

Burn Related Wounds

Over 30 Years Experience

How Wounds Heal

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A wound that has not healed in a months time should be evaluated by a wound care specialist. From diabetic, venous leg and pressure wounds to burns and trauma wounds, non-healing wounds can dramatically alter your life — impacting activity level and threatening health. 

Valley Urgent Care offers a comprehensive wound care program featuring specially trained physicians to monitor, manage and treat chronic, non-healing wounds. Research and new technologies are changing the way chronic wounds are treated.

Physician bandages a patient wound at urgent care