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We believe that patient comfort and trust are the most important qualities of a best-in-class urgent care. A walk-in clinic with immediate care that you can count on. Emergency care for small cuts and bruises as well as treatment for the flu and the common cold. A medical facility where you’re diagnosed and treated for your symptoms with dignity and respect. We are Valley Urgent Care. We’re here for you.


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Our Mission

To continue to treat each and every patient as a they were apart of our family. For more than 30 years, our clinic has garnered a reputation of excellence here in Northridge, CA. With a stellar team of physicians, our focus is on our diagnostic skills, bedside manner, and our wide range of urgent care services.

Our Leadership

Committed to excellent medical service.

Dr. Bardia Anvar, M.D.

M.D. Clinic Director

Dr. Bardia Anvar is a Board Certified General Surgeon, a Physician Certified in Wound Care, and the clinic director of our Northridge Urgent Care. Dr. Anvar writes scientific papers in medicine and surgery while presenting research nationwide. He has created educational training manuals for surgical residents while teaching medical students and physicians. His work is documented in the seminal publication: Mastery of Skin, Wound, and Ostomy Care. 

Henry Okonkwo, P.A.

Chief Operations Officer

A Clinical Instructor for the College of Long Term, and the Director of Education and Photographic Documentation. Henry Okonkwo is an extraordinary clinician having worked in all areas of health care, including trauma surgery, dermatology, internal medicine, ER, Occupational Medicine. Henry Okonkwo is also the lead physician and physician assistant trainer for the Skilled Wound Care Program.

As always, our patients come first 100% of the time. You can trust you're in good hands at Valley.”

Dr. Bardia AnvaR, M.D.

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