Positive Antibody Test
What does it mean if your Antibody test came back positive?

Positive IgM

IgM is usually the first antibody produced by the immune system when a virus attacks.

A positive IgM antibody tests indicates that you may have been infected and that your immune system has started responding to the virus. This means you may still be infectious or just starting to recover from the COVID virus. To confirm or rule out an active COVID-19 infection, we will need to run a PCR Nasal swab Test. We recommend that you maintain strict isolation guidelines, wear a mask, and lots of hand washing. You will need to stay isolated until we get your nasal swab results back, as that is considered the gold standard of COVID testing right now to see if you are actively infected.

Positive IgG

IgG antibodies develop in most patients within 7 to 10 days after symptoms of COVID-19 begin.

IgG antibodies remain in the blood after an infection has passed. These antibodies indicate that you may have had COVID-19 in the past and have developed antibodies that may protect you from future infection. It is unknown at this point how much protection antibodies might provide against reinfection, so it is recommended that you follow all social distancing guidelines and wear a mask when in close contact with people. Moreover, the only way to rule out active COVID-19 infection is through a PCR Nasal Swab Test that is sent to the lab for further testing.

Due the volume of patients that we are testing and having positive results come back on, it is very challenging for our providers to go over individual results with you.  If you would like dedicated time with a provider to discuss additional concerns, you may schedule a telemedicine visit with by calling our clinic at 818-349-9966. We are having a longer than normal wait times for our phone operators as they are filtering continuous COVID question calls from the community.